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We are advisory consultants specialising in regulatory compliance, risk management and operational efficiency. We offer you the benefits of additional expertise and resource without the commitment of employing new staff. Our purpose is always to help our clients find the right solutions to move past their problems and continue to build their success. Whether you need support for the rollout of a new service or a boost in your governance structure, we can be the solution.

We use a range of tools to provide our clients with an all-encompassing solution to their business needs, including compliance reviews, risk management audits, regulatory support, project management, process improvement, annual reports, and staff training. We also have a wide range of experience from across a number of sectors. When you work with us you will benefit from that collective experience and from the collaborative working environment that we promote.

Why us?

Praetorian Group is founded on our personal values and experiences. We believe in integrity, objectivity and honesty, and these core values are at the heart of everything we do.




For me, founding the Praetorian Group represented a significant stage in what has been a varied and diverse career path so far. It all started when I was younger, with my ambition to serve in the British Army. At the age of 16, I achieved this when I passed out of the Army Foundation College and joined the army. From an early age, I have always had a solid moral compass and knew the difference between right and wrong, and I knew serving in the military would enable me to apply those principles.

I thrived on the sense of community and the challenges I could overcome. However, following an accident while on an operational tour, my military career was cut short. At that moment, I felt lost, with no purpose. I felt like my identity had been removed in one single action. I ventured into a number of different business areas, from commercial aviation operations to sales and managerial roles but found nothing that fit. My parents, seeing my spiral, offered me a position in assisting my father with his compliance consultancy business. This gave me the opportunity to learn quickly and apply my skills to a wide range of clients. My eyes were opened to another world, the world of regulation and the demands it puts on business and people. I saw first-hand how helping a business implement a regulatory change or assist through an operational review can be highly rewarding.

Praetorian Group was created as the next step, with the same ambition and drive I had when I was 16 but with the added high level of discipline installed from the military combined with knowledge and experience gained in the corporate world.


Rawlins BA(Hons), ACILEx, ACSI

As a naturally interested and analytical person, I have always enjoyed finding solutions to problems. I have held roles in the charity, local authority and legal sectors which have called on those attributes in a number of different ways. These professional experiences have helped me to develop the ability to mediate in difficult situations, find a clear path through complex circumstances and deliver advice in a measured and useful way. Founding the Praetorian Group was a natural progression, enabling me to employ those skills in a wide range of situations, combining them with my academic background and qualifications to deliver for clients in a really effective and relatable way.

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Our aim is to provide business leaders with the cover they need to do their jobs. Our company name is based on this principle. It comes from the Praetorian guards – the original elite force, bodyguards handpicked to give the Roman emperor protection and intelligence. But we are not just bodyguards. We help you lead too. In nature, the wolf is one of the clearest examples of intelligent leadership and effective teamwork and it is for this reason we have chosen this as the inspiration for our company brand.

Both a protector and a predator, a wolf always has a strategic plan based on the overall wellbeing of the pack. The wolf leads from behind the pack, driving momentum and ensuring no individual is left behind. This leadership model, a safety net behind you and a force pushing your forwards, is something that we pride ourselves on offering to our clients – constantly protecting you and your interests, always seeking new opportunities for you to enhance your business.



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